Publishing (Group)

Publishing (Group)

Literary Coaches & Publishing Experts will assist you in making your creative dreams come true!

• Write, edit, copyright & publish with us!

• Our Team will Design & Illustrate

• Gain trade secrets from industry insiders

• Step by step guide to get from pen to print!


Publishing Services Offered

Session 1: Concept Creation

Creating an Idea is the first step to crafting a captivating story with opportunities to brand and market beyond books.

Session 2: Concept Development

Developing Your Idea is an essential step in drafting an outline and creating continuity throughout your story.

Session 3: Writing Your Story

We assist you in writing or ghostwriting your story to develop characters, themes, storylines, conflict, resolution, and continuous messaging throughout the book.

Session 4: Art Design & Illustrations

We work with the very best artists and illustrators to create a powerful cover image that resonates with your brand, your story, and your unique message. Whether a portrait, illustration, cartoon image or abstract art; we will craft the meaningful cover or interior art that will sell your story over and over for a lifetime.

Session 5: Creating Captivating Covers

A captivating cover is not only what is seen on the front of the book, but also includes a spine and back cover. Allow us to draft, format, edit, and create the complete cover art necessary to sell your book online and on shelves for a lifetimes to come.

Session 6: Editing & Copyediting

The perfect book is formatted and edited several times by literary coaches, readers, copy editors, and educators. Allow our team to fine tune every page and every word to your final approval.

Session 7: Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Protect your work with a federal copyright. We deliver this essential service for you or show and teach you how.

Session 8: The Marketplace/How to Market Your Book

Every book launch requires a surefire marketing plan. We help you to create an intentional and feasible plan to sell to your target market from the day you launch and every day thereafter. Flyers, catalogs, marketing plans, and an outreach team are all onboard to get your book flying off printers and shelves!

Session 9: Selling Your Book (Print & Distribution)

We set up your sales channels both digitally online and in-person on shelves around the world to prepare for local, national, and global sales beginning the day you launch.

Session 10: Celebrate Your Book

Host Your Official (or unofficial) prelaunch, launch, or relaunch party with us at our luxurious space. Our All-Inclusive packages include all the décor and seating necessary to wow your potential buyers during your lavish Book Launch event.

Hire us at ANY stage in your literary journey!



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