Book Club Concert!

Book Club Concert!



Develop Lifelong Skills:

  • Build Confidence
  • Become Better Writers
  • Love Literacy
  • Enhance Social Engagement
  • Boost Creativity
  • Create Meaningful Content
  • Develop Public Speaking Skills
  • Practice English Language Arts (ELA) while having fun!


  • Book Writing
  • Song Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Art & Illustration
  • Screen/Scriptwriting
  • Magazine Publishing
  • Merch Making
  • Podcast Creation
  • Photography/Videography
  • Games, Media, & More!

Discover engaging book clubs suitable for all ages! Utilizing carefully crafted curriculum, we dive into the realms of literature, writing, art, music, and lively discussions, collaboratively producing original content. Adapt our sessions to fit your schedule with convenient 1-2 hour meetings available onsite, offsite, and virtually. Join us and experience the joy of books on your terms!

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Featured Books Include:

“Home Is Where the Heart Is” by Mali Mayu 13+

A Historical Fiction based on World War II

Get Glowing! By Delicia B. Davis All Ages!

“A Girl’s Guide to Discovering Her Greatest Gifts through Affirmation & Art”

The High Value Mindset By Jermell Griffin 12+

An intimate and honest story of a father’s journey through faith, family, and finance.

The Flower Moji's Stop the Bullying: A Coloring Storybook 5+

A family of flowers reveals superpowers that help save friends and family.

The Flower Moji's Save the Earth: A Coloring Storybook 5+

Imagination is sparked, a love of reading is fostered, and the finest children's books linger with readers long after they have grown out of their early years.


Pinky and the Underwater Adventure By Sage Boyagodage 5+

A mystical tale of a royal mermaid who longs to leave her family’s castle and explore the wonders of the sea.

Dear Diary, The Bullying Won't Stop By Delicia B. Davis 10+

A story about a compassionate teenager raised by her violent mother, whose diary captures her journey through high school, tackling social issues and seeking peace and self-love amidst adversity, offering inspiration to young readers.

Dear Diary, I'm Not Feeling Myself: A Young Adult Novel By Delicia B. Davis 10+

A story about a teenage socialite grappling with weight issues and overwhelmed by comparisons at home and school, ultimately learning profound lessons about self-acceptance, resilience, and the true meaning of love.

Luxy Magazine/Kids Content

Cover Stories include:

Rising Star | Avion the Don

It’s Ya Birthday! Song promo

Book Birthday Party Themes

Book Character Costumes

Game: Unscramble

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